3TU School Human Technology Interaction

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          In the week of January 26th till 30th the three Dutch technical universities (Eindhoven, Twente and Delft) organize a 3TU School Human Technology Interaction.
          This school is organized for Master students and PhD's who study or work in the fields of 'Human Technology Interaction' and 'Human Media Interaction'.
          Goal of the school is providing oversight of the ingredients for research into the use of ambient intelligent systems in creative group processes. Such research is necessarily multidisciplinary as well as interdisciplinary, and that's why it will cover a broad scala of subjects. It consists of sessions of professors and experts of various Dutch universities, as well as some international guests. Also there will be some practical assignments, during which the presented aspects will be put into practice in an interactive way.

          This school will be the first in a row in which we will explore these issues. This first school will present a broad multidisciplinary view of how fundamental insights into human physical and cognitive capabilities can be used to design human-centered technologies that can collaborate symbiotically with humans to enhance human capabilities well outside the range of normal biological variation.

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          A reader will be made available.

          The spoken language is English.


          The subjects that will be discussed:
          • January 26th Human Information Processing
          • January 27th Research methods and techniques
          • January 28th Cognitive Engineering
          • January 29th Artificial Intelligence
          • January 30th Mediated Collaborative Creation

          Keynote speakers
          • Dr. Bernice Rogowitz (IBM) - Interfaces and human perception (title to be confirmed)
          • Prof. Dr. John Flach (Wright State Univ.) - User Modelling
          • Prof. Dr. Gilbert Cockton (Univ. of Sunderland) - Meta-Principles for Interaction Design

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          The school will be held in the Best Western Hotel Ehzerwold in Almen (near Zutphen).


          The early registration fees are:
          • 3TU-student or employee € 600
          • Member of SIKS € 600
          • Neither € 700
          • Late registration fees are: early registration fees + € 150.

          How to enlist

          You can enlist by filling out the registration form and faxing that to:

          Bianca Abrahamsz
          MMI EEMCS, TU Delft
          Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft
          Phone: +31(15).2784145
          Fax: +31(15).2787141
          E-mail: b.abrahamsz@tudelft.nl
          The Netherlands

          Organizers and sponsors

          The Winterschool has been made possible by the following partners:
          • Delft University of Technology
          • Eindhoven University of Technology
          • University Twente
          • NIRICT
          • SIKS (The School for Information and Knowledge Systems)
          • IOP MMI